Embers Adrift

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  1. E

    Defender's Strike

    Please reduce the cooldown/Stamina of strike. It's not worth using when it costs the same amount of stamina, and the cool down is just as long as more powerful skills.
  2. E

    Resistant for Defender

    Why isn't this up all the time? It should last 30 minutes to an hour, without a cool down. It's not powerful enough to only be applied for 20 seconds, and the 1-minute cool down is brutal.
  3. Defixio

    Agro Skill Suggestions

    Agro skills are kind of annoying to use in game. If a warden pulls. you mash taunt as it's coming in. the tight cone and cast time make it a challenge to get it off as it comes into camp. hopefully with no pathing problems or party members leading it strange places. Likewise MANY mobs stop...