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  1. Y

    Questions around imbued recipe drop locations

    I'm currently trying to flesh out my T2 Armorer, Outfitter, and Tinker recipes. I've discovered that rats drop a good number of the tinker recipes that I'm missing. That said, I'm still not sure where some of the Armorer recipes come from. Has anyone seen Imbued Tin Buckler, Kiteshield, or...
  2. Defixio

    Augment Bag?

    Can we get an Augment Bag?? like the gathering bag? Holds gear augments. doesn't drop when you die (you can't loose your stack of 300 repair kits , straps, buckles and plates. the main bag is getting kind of cramped carrying around armor swaps, weapon straps, belt buckles, armor plates...
  3. Defixio

    Armor Augments are madness right now

    1. the interface says they have a duration, they seem to last forever (i don't really feel like they need a duration. just let them be sockets you put things on forever) 2. most of them say ArmorOuter for their slot, but they seem to have a specific slot Bracing: Vambrace/pauldron Flap...
  4. keyblader455

    What Is Your Favorite Crafting System

    I have never been big into the crafting part of the mmo portion until recently. I think it actually started with ES Skyrim when I was playing it in VR on the ps4. It actually felt like I was there doing the work and learning more about making all these cool things. Then I started working on...