Embers Adrift

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  1. Meladry

    Bug Small Typo: Crafted Item

    Tiny typo - "Popular" instead of "Poplar" smoked food. Thanks all!
  2. A

    Target of Target UI Buggy

    Title says it all see screenshot
  3. S

    Bug Crafting materials unrecognized

    Hey, Some of the reagents are not recognized by the crafting table anymore. For exemple I have some of the T2 Mushroom oil in my inventory, but the game only recognize the T1 when I have some. So I can only craft the T1 potions, then it says I have no more oils. Same for Dry dear leaves. These...
  4. T

    UI Bug When forgetting Role

    I wanted to try something which is forgetting my role (in this case defender) on a level 1 character that has a bit of exp. Of course that took away all my leveling progress with the character and my skill bar became empty. Then i took the same role again, but the exp bar in both the main UI and...
  5. T

    NPC "Phil" the Miller

    I can't interact with this npc to talk to him, he is located by a mill close to Windmill Camp in Newhaven Valley.
  6. M

    Downloading Patch doesnt work It only loads to 75%

    Hey I bought the Game I downloaded the installer from this website I open "Embers Adrift Launcher.exe" I click on update and then it updates normally until the magic 75%. The first time I waited like an hour or so. Then I started the download again. Didnt work. Clicked on the little button below...
  7. P

    Resolution setting resets when switching zones

    Swapped to 1080p when in Northreach, moved my UI all around to fit, then entered Newhaven and resolution got set back to 1440p and UI was all over the place.
  8. Rithious


    I found that on my first time exploring Newhaven City that the bank in not properly marked on the map. It is place in the crafting section between then marks of "Crafter's Corner" and "The Consortium" which is incorrect. It should be on the other side of the map to the right of "Newhaven...