Embers Adrift

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bug maybe

  1. D

    Hole in Mesh Ashen Stag

    Looks kinda cool but you see inside the Mesh I don't think it was meant this way.
  2. Vaneheart

    Smuggler Woodsman in the Valley does a weird pass through kite maneuver that takes advantage of the no collision.

    The Smuggler Woodsman in the Valley does this weird trick with the lack of collision where he passes through you to negate your attack, then moves through and kites at range. This probably shouldn't be possible. He'll repeat the maneuver if you close. He shouldn't be able to just phase...
  3. E

    Did the subscription just eat some of my gametime?

    The original product comes with 30 days of game time. My account said it will run out on 16th of Nov. Now I just signed up for the monthly subscription plan and it says I will be rebilled on 13th of Dec. ...did I just lose 3 days of gametime as a "reward" for paying my subscription? Or if I...