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  1. Malyck

    Auction House?

    I like this idea, but it seems like the Discord trade channel is filling this role right now. For me, part of the challenge is the size of the world, with very limited means of fast traveling, or ways to deliver things. It can be an inconvenience to arrange a face-to-face meeting for selling...
  2. Malyck

    Feedback Discord Ticket System

    It is under "Community" on their home page. :)
  3. Malyck

    Discussion on speed of progression

    I am taking my time enjoying the game, but I am concerned if there are no "end game" activities being added to the game. I would like to understand what Stormhaven's vision is for the game when players hit max level? I do enjoy playing alts, but that only goes so far. :)
  4. Malyck

    Are there plans to offer multi-month subscription packages?

    With the date for activating subscriptions approaching, I was wondering if Stormhaven planned on offering a multi-month subscription package (i.e. six-month, one-year, etc.)? I would gladly pay for a one-year package, and would really appreciate if there was a modest discount for these...
  5. Malyck

    Feedback Invisible Walls :(

    Invisible walls are temporary. From previous patch notes: https://forums.embersadrift.com/index.php?threads/october-27th-whats-new.3313/
  6. Malyck

    Basic Guide on playing Marshals (1-22) Updated 11/10/22

    Very nice guide, thank you for sharing!
  7. Malyck

    Striker suggestions, and misc other suggestions

    Some very good suggestions. I totally agree with travel on roads should give us a movement buff. I would also suggest that maybe the gathering bag gain slots as you level up, would help with some of the inventory crunch.
  8. Malyck

    GPU is dying

    Are your video card drivers up to date?
  9. Malyck

    Alices Beginner Guide

    Fantastic work! Great guide, thank you for posting it.
  10. Malyck

    Defender Skills & Subclasses/Specialist

    I have that ability as well, usually gained after eating spicy foods. :D
  11. Malyck

    Who actualy like Bag retrieval (Bag run)?

    I agree with most of the points made above by @Superbitsandbob, especially the positives. There are a lot of positives for me in this game, but not having some type of magic and the recent changes to crafting do really put me off. I also don't like linking crafting levels to adventuring levels...
  12. Malyck

    Who actualy like Bag retrieval (Bag run)?

    I do not disagree with you on this, it is the whole point. I am not suggesting removing the death mechanic, I like the risk/reward part of it. It will most likely be different for every player though, which does make it difficult to balance. That's why I am glad you are the designer... ;)...
  13. Malyck

    Who actualy like Bag retrieval (Bag run)?

    I don't mind dropping my inventory on death, but I hate the fact that I have zero inventory space until I recover my bag. I would much rather have my bag contents bound to my tombstone (or whatever), and have some inventory space while trying to recover my loot. One point I will agree with...
  14. Malyck

    Supporter Skills & Subclass/Specialist

    Yes, that was what I was thinking. The possibility of having a Paladin or Templar style build with a shield. Will have to settle for the 'Mug of ale' priest build instead. :)
  15. Malyck

    Skill Ups for Harvesting

    I did Forestry/Prospecting on my main character as I enjoy gathering/exploring, so my gathering levels are ahead of my adventuring level by a few levels. I will agree that it does take some effort to level, I have spent more time solo gathering than grouped for adventuring.
  16. Malyck

    Supporter Skills & Subclass/Specialist

    Out of curiosity, why is quick role identification important? I know it is important in a PvP setting, but unfamiliar with the PvE reasoning.
  17. Malyck

    Supporter Skills & Subclass/Specialist

    Shield would be awesome, I don't like the visuals of the banner myself.
  18. Malyck

    Observations, Weekend of 06/25 - 26

    I agree with the OP. I leveled each of the roles up to lvl6, and the new Strike skill made it a lot smoother, especially for Support and Defender. I am just getting starting on crafting, but had a good laugh at the animation when learning a new crafting recipe. Nice work all around!
  19. Malyck

    BETA TEST June 22nd; what's new?

    I agree, looks like a nice update. I am looking forward to checking out the new crafting progression.