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  1. Sprout

    Community Towards Supports/Healers?

    No hate in this game so far, at all :)
  2. Sprout

    LIVE May 30th; what's new?

    Damn, thats alot of stuff you guys added, love it :)
  3. Sprout

    Feedback Centralized/semi-automated economy (auction house)

    Please dont abreviate embers adrift like that, it gives me chills down my spine and its not fair to the devs
  4. Sprout

    Feedback Centralized/semi-automated economy (auction house)

    Take your time Undone! We'd rather have a good game than a game that comes out real fast ;)
  5. Sprout

    Feedback Centralized/semi-automated economy (auction house)

    This sounds difficult to program, but would be very interresting to see how players would work with it :)
  6. Sprout

    Feedback after 2 days

    i'm glad you say that, cause that is the aim here :)
  7. Sprout

    Feedback to much down time on heavy wounds.

    I would just like to ask this: Why is it so hard for people to wait a few minutes and enjoy eachothers company, go get some snacks, etc?
  8. Sprout

    Feedback Centralized/semi-automated economy (auction house)

    I like the fact that there isnt an auction house! This way people start to hand eachother some needed gear and progress together. Atm i'm making stuff i cant use so others can make me some weapons/gear, meanwhile i'm handing food and drinks and potions to whoever needs it. This makes for a...
  9. Sprout

    Why is this game fun?

    Well said, totally agree!!!
  10. Sprout

    What class are you going to play?

    I started playing sentinel for the beta test and i fell in love with it, so 100procent will play that!
  11. Sprout

    WB/New Player Feedback

    That would a bad idea imho, that would be against the idea of finding other players to play with and i beleive everyone would start running around solo.
  12. Sprout

    Feedback General thoughts after my first weekend.

    I do like your writing Cyberwulf! Awesome feedback! Since i am not as great i will be giving my feedback here by commenting on some points: I've been playing a healer in ALL mmo's i've played and i have to say this game was the 1st i was able to solo in. That being said, i have had times i had...