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  1. Pel

    Community Towards Supports/Healers?

    Hi Pipz, Pel here -- we've grouped a few times and I hope to get the chance to again soon! I agree that the "all classes can rez" thing may help out with people being less focused on just the healer's role in preventing wipes. Like, when a group wipes, the wipe was a group effort ;) and people...
  2. Pel

    Community Towards Supports/Healers?

    Level 25 sentinel (supporter) main here -- I have yet to experience anything like this in Embers Adrift, though I am familiar with it from a variety of other MMOs. I don't know that I've really seen much wipe-blaming at all though. What I most often hear is an acknowledgement of why it happened...
  3. Pel

    The title question

    I think awarding anything for "first to reach 50" runs counter to the philosophy I understood as being central to Embers Adrift. When you log in for the first time, you're greeted with an invitation to enjoy the journey -- take your time, don't rush. Why reward people for literally rushing to...
  4. Pel

    New Drifter's Visual Guide to Harvesting

    Prospectors can gather from ore or gem deposits. Gems seem to be much more rare than ore, but you can also gather gems sometimes from plain old ore, so there's that. That's everything I've found in the newbie zone to hit with a pickaxe, chop with an axe, harvest with a sickle, or skin with...
  5. Pel

    New Drifter's Visual Guide to Harvesting

    If you just picked up your first harvesting skill and you're wondering "Now what?" you've come to the right place! It's not immediately obvious what you're looking for to put your shiny new -- er, rusty old tools to use, so I created this guide to help out other new gatherers get started because...