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  1. Shimizu

    A Poll About Grouping Preferences

    The sad truth is this game does not have the population to support the design of full groups being required to do anything It does not have mechanics in place to facilitate grouping (such as fast travel or teleporting to your group members). This combined with other disincentives (such as...
  2. Shimizu

    Leveling experience must change

    Just adding my 2 cents for what its worth. I absolutely love this game, the world, the lore, all of it. I even love that the progression is slower than normal and I don't really take issue to having to grind. But after a couple of weeks where I couldn't play due to RL stuff, I find it harder...
  3. Shimizu

    Bag recovery needs to be removed

    Sadly for me the bag situation (and not wanting to "bail" on groups in case of RL) means if I can't commit to sitting in the chair for the next X hours with reasonable confidence, I simply wont group. Which really diminishes the game experience, but it is what it is. If not for the bag...
  4. Shimizu

    evenings UK time

    evenings UK time
  5. Shimizu

    Discussion on speed of progression

    I have to agree with the above. While I think there needs to be more meaningful solo progression ( in terms of things to do when you can't find a group, ala housing/decorating/achievementing or other non combat activities), I would not want to see the XP rate heavily accelerated. Most MMOs...
  6. Shimizu

    Stormhaven Press Release June 2023

    +1 to lighting solutions, lanterns, etc staying on when fighting. On my hardware, even with exposure setting adjusted, the only thing I can see at night is nameplates. If lanterns are bad for performance we absolutely need a way to tweak the brightness at night or at the very least add a...
  7. Shimizu

    Stormhaven Press Release June 2023

    I'd like to better understand how the active character slot thing will work for those of us who currently play multiple characters. Do you designate which one is active? Can you change this? How often? Seems like its going to create an awful lot of faff with storage and shared banking and...
  8. Shimizu

    To quest or not to quest?

    Many of the quest regards offer better gear than you can get at the same level and are for "in between" crafting thresholds (ie, the lvl 12 quest weapons are notably better than lvl 10 crafted). You also usually get quite a few choices so you can pick your favorite weapon/armor type. I just...
  9. Shimizu

    Stormhaven Press Release June 2023

    I know you guys are being really careful with how you are doing the monetization and I applaud this but - I'd drop some $$ on storage expansions if it was an option. Its worth considering.
  10. Shimizu

    Feedback Crafting Itemization

    I'd really like some more options in the crafting, also. At the moment you can switch the secondary material tiers which will affect the stats to some extent but as far as I can tell there's no real rhyme or reason to this - it would be neat if different materials added different bonuses in a...
  11. Shimizu

    Feedback Skinning

    I haven't reached your levels yet, but my experience has been the opposite - my hunter level is constantly capped by my adventure level (lvl 16 / 26 atm) and I'm still just skinning level 10 stuff. By the time I skin/process everything I'm constantly pushing against that 10 level limit. I'm...
  12. Shimizu

    Bag recovery needs to be removed

    Bag Runs were one of the main reasons I was NOT going to even game a chance when I heard there were corpse runs. I simply do not have the time/energy/patience/etc. for that. Seriously, it was the main reason I didn't give this game as second look for months. I decided to give it a chance...
  13. Shimizu

    Long Term Stuff: Housing - Instanced vs NonInstanced

    Just adding my 2 cents here. While I do like non-instanced housings, and it worked well in older games on older tech, it is somewhat impractical nowadays. I think there is plenty of "space" in the Embers world (zones are quite large and there are large areas that can be quite sparse in terms...
  14. Shimizu

    My short lived experience with the game

    I just wanted to add regarding the PvP point - The fact this game has no intention of adding PvP is probably one of the biggest appeals for some of us - because it avoids precisely this type of issue. I've seen many a perfectly good PvE experience ruined by devs trying to balance classes...