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  1. Meriven

    This weekend will be my last for a few weeks. Go in on Wednesday to have my son! Enjoy the tests...

    This weekend will be my last for a few weeks. Go in on Wednesday to have my son! Enjoy the tests and hope to get some fun groups!
  2. Meriven

    Character creation

    I had something come up. If I don’t make it on tonight I will send it Friday morning. Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Meriven

    Character creation

    Oh, before I send anything, where do you want me to send them to you? Email, discord, forums?
  4. Meriven

    Experience Gain(probably unpopular)

    My goal has not been to power through levels and a lot of my time is spent exploring or searching for named mobs. Like I said, for me, even when I get to 24 or 25 it still feels like I level way faster than I prefer. Just my own preference and opinion. Was curious if there were other gluttons...
  5. Meriven

    Character creation

    Thanks Undone. I’ll send that to you tonight.
  6. Meriven

    Experience Gain(probably unpopular)

    I agree with you that it would probably kill it for most. I was just tossing it out there that I personally would love that 200-300 mobs a level thing lol.
  7. Meriven

    Character creation

    Yes if you let me know how to do that. Im not sure how I’d even start to send it lol. I looked up how online and think I got it but not ever having done it before I’m unsure of it it will be what you wanted. In the Console app on your Mac, find the information you want to share, such as a...
  8. Meriven

    Devs don’t hear it enough….

    Thank you. This team has been great. I know you guys have constant suggestions and opinions on YOUR game and I know that those are great to design a game to get customers and sustain some income…just remember it is YOUR creation and vision. It may not be for everyone (nothing always is) but you...
  9. Meriven

    Character creation

    So since we had the iteration where the hair not showing with low medium graphics, any time I go to create a character I can’t see what I am creating. I have to create the character and go to the select to see changes. It shows the inside of the character like you are in the center of the mesh...
  10. Meriven

    Experience Gain(probably unpopular)

    I am feeling like the current xp gain is way fast. I hope it slows down by leaps and bounds. It may be the limited content with testing but I feel like even with limited days the progression happens so quickly. I get it’s a balance on keeping people with less free time interested and feeling...
  11. Meriven

    BETA TEST May 18th; what's new?

    Your fix tonight has it runnng smoother than ever! Was a bit worried at the start of the night that I’d end up having to upgrade the machine.
  12. Meriven

    BETA TEST May 4th; what's new?

    @Undone character creation on Mac is acting wonky now. Can’t see what I’m selecting no matter what level of zoom it looks like I’m looking from inside the character
  13. Meriven

    BETA TEST May 4th; what's new?

    Looking forward to testing. Thanks Undone.
  14. Meriven

    Worldbreaker event beta tester party

    I second this!
  15. Meriven

    Worldbreaker event beta tester party

    Now you’re talking my language. Always running around naked! Mench on.
  16. Meriven

    Wow, Big Changes!

    Don’t forget the addition of a brothel in New Haven where you can purchase a wench, a mench, ale, or all three.
  17. Meriven

    BETA TEST March 30th; what's new?

    Love the changes to warlord chants! Got a chance to test with double warlord group and we each picked what ones we would do. The play felt really good to me.
  18. Meriven

    Fear and root

    Are animations like the brigand stun coming to fear on warlord and marshal root?
  19. Meriven

    Possibility of an "Iron" mode of play?

    I’d totally play that!
  20. Meriven

    Points of Contention

    This man eq’d. I actually think if anything this is the most I’d want as far as direction pointing. It gave you an orientation to go off of the things on the map. I honestly don’t mind even not having this. We all got spoiled with the new mmos in my opinion and it took what was meant to be...