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  1. Kittik

    Why The Lower'd Amount of EXP for a Group?

    Experience awarded for 1x Chevron and 2x Chevron mobs is now diminished for groups exceeding the recommended size (1 player for 1x, and 3 for 2x). Why was this done? Do not 1 Chevron mobs already give a greatly reduced amount of exp to a group of 6 players? It's 1 chevron, so it has less...
  2. Kittik

    A Case for Oranges

    Or whatever color you want them to be, but they should be there. My arguement is that Yellows (which were significantly more difficult from 4/13's patch) are a good fight for a group. But going from Yellow's to Reds is a "feels bad man" moment. As we are out adventuring and we (again) are...
  3. Kittik

    Dynamic Mob Level Camps

    So with: Experience awarded for 1x Chevron and 2x Chevron mobs is now diminished for groups exceeding the recommended size (1 player for 1x, and 3 for 2x). Is there a way to have 3x Chevron mobs more populous in an area if we've been there for a while an cleared the 1's and 2's? If my full...
  4. Kittik

    The Defender: Juggernaut / Knight / Marshal Part 1

    Playing a defender is the choice of those who want to be in the middle of and in someway direct the battle. Not necessarily a control class in the classic sense of the word, but having dominion over which mobs a group is fighting and the ability to say which mob is of a higher priority of...
  5. Kittik

    The Defender: Juggernaut / Knight / Marshal Part 2

    Please see The Defender: Juggernaut / Knight / Marshal Part 1. Continuing on from that thread: Knight: This is an always on ability or at least thats the theory. It has a +20 (so I think this is only 20% chance to work), so with those low of odds at it's current iteration, it's an ability...
  6. Kittik

    Offline Bug

    Multiple times since Wednesday, I've see a Player is Offline group labels. But that player is in-fact online and standing right next to me in group. This usually happened after a total group wipe, or if the player went LD for a minute and comes back. I think this happened 1 time when we...
  7. Kittik

    Points of Contention

    1) The very limited range and restrictive nature of casting abilities/finishing casting abilities while in combat. Combat isn't horrible in this game. It, at times, is fun. But hours of fun are almost always negated by the few moments of absolute infuriating aggravation that comes with the...
  8. Kittik

    Coin Shortage

    Another good move taking coins off of non-humanoid creatures. I immediately felt the urgency to want coins. Which were in short supply. (Good imo). Getting loot, even the trash loot was a prize and at times I noticed myself begging my dice to start working harder. Which they did not. I...
  9. Kittik

    Bank Slots

    6 Slots....I ain't even mad bro. I'd rather see a quest to get your first 6 additional slots, and then after that charge prices. 36 Overall slots is still limiting, IMO, (and I'm not even a crafter). So why stop at 36? A money sink is a money sink...let ppl keep sinking that money if they...
  10. Kittik

    Transfer of Saga of Lucimia Info

    Is everything automatically transferred? For alpha testers, how do we ensure we still have access and will have what was promised during our pledge?