Embers Adrift

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  1. asteldian

    General Feedback on the game

    Just thought I would jot down my thoughts on the game for whatever its worth. Some of my views will have already been seen in various threads, but figured I would collate into a more comprehensive list. First off, really happy for you guys to have managed to release the game, heck of an...
  2. asteldian

    Graphics bug

    I use a 780GTX (so, old card, guessing it is the issue) and the graphics have lots of glitching, best to show rather than explain. As you can see, I have no sky and 'ripple' effects of towers etc. A pain as you can imagine, also means no Blupiter to admire and use as a guide:
  3. asteldian

    Game feedback

    Like so many others in this forum I love this game. I hope to see the game grow as time goes on. Below I've thrown in a couple thoughts that I think need looking at. It won't improve the mechanics of the game so may seem low priority but I think it affects the impression of the game which is...