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    Feedback Game - List your 3 favourite things and 3 most disliked things about the game

    Write down your reason to start playing Embers Adrift I've been playing it for years, even before it was Embers Adrift. Always looking to play any new fantasy mmo's. Write down your 3 favorite things about Embers Adrift 1. The challenge to level 2. Grouping with friends 3. Vague Map/No...
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    QA June 2023

    Logged in and tested the subscriber options, all of it seems to work as listed/intended. Saw and identified the ember ring special effect. Placed the Portable crafting station. Tested out the emotes, portraits. Examined bank boxes for additional highlighted slots. Q
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    The title question

    Sorry Korraz but I do take this as a personal attack. Q
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    A Strangely Marked Slab has too low a drop rate

    I think the mileage may vary on these droprates. I've done all three - Dryfoot was the quickest, it took me about 2-3 hours in Meadowlands to get that tablet and then about 3 days for the Redshore dropped tablet. I agree though. If a quest starter item is dropped, make it a bit more common...
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    Feedback from a new player

    There is an 'in combat' indicator below your nameplate. This lights up whenever something attacks you . It looks like crossed swords. Q
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    Upcoming CC changes

    This acts essentially as a mem blur. I believe Undone said it was not intended behavior to any of their forms of crowd control. Q
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    Upcoming CC changes

    Crowd Control and Memory Wipe/Mem Blur are two different things. Q
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    Congratulations to Lethal and Eryola!

    Congratulations to you both! Q
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    Feedback Sentinel Issues

    Shields are for defenders. Q
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    QA March 2023

    Can you expound on this a bit? I read 'weapon damage was boosted from 30-50' and 'mob health was raised'. Does that mean they equal each other out and there's no change? :) Q
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    QA March 2023

    Tried Combat Aura change with Inspire. It didn't seem to reapply. Q
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    The Bees ! The Bees of Knowledge !

    Hey look, from the patch notes.. Added "Bees of Knowledge" toggle to Game Options. When checked the bees will show for all who learn. Q
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    Do this or this game is doomed

    Counting Worldbreaker events during Beta, I think there's been 3 free weekends already for people to try before they buy? Q
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    Must Have Replacements

    There's a few must have items out there that never seem to get replaced, regardless of your level. Shoulders: Chithorn's Pauldrons Assassin Spaulders Vambracers: Hoggit's Bracers Earring: Wolf Fang Earring Ruby Earring Could we get some item replacements for these items from 30-50 in the...
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    Juggernaut Feedback

    Tested Juggernaut skills: Smash, Lvl 34: Cooldown is amazing and it looks good on paper but I don't think that the 'If Success' condition is being met. I spent the most time on this ability and the 2nd chance never seemed to trigger. What determines if it does? If it's the 1st hit...
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    Marshal Feedback

    It's me again, your friendly, neighborhood QA tester. This time testing the new Marshal skills. End Around, Lvl 34: An additional offensive ability with the added bonus of buffing Parry for 10 seconds. Works as listed, seems like a good ability to add in a skillbar/rotation. Flanking...
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    Brigand Feedback

    Real brigands feel free to chime in, but I had a chance to log in and test the 3 new skills: Ruse, level 34: +100 avoid is a good ability. I've never been a huge fan off long cooldowns though so a 2min 30 second ability is a tough slot for me. Paralyzing Strike, level 38: Good cooldown...
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    Is there a mandrake Tea recipe Dev please respond

    You would want to kill ashen mandrakes for the mandrake recipes. Q
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    Knight Skills and Feedback

    Oh we really need various spec belt stats to truly test changes compared to live: Belt - defender (parry, block, resilience, etc) Belt - supporter (+heal, +stam, etc) Belt - striker (+flank, +pen, +hit) Or different selection of belts, rings and necklaces to complement. Otherwise, we're not...