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  1. CyberKnight

    Bag Space Quests

    Agree with op some type of progression. I mean we are getting stronger and stronger as we adventure
  2. CyberKnight

    4th Character slot

    As one who love to try out every class and sub class in the game, I would like to see 9 character slots. Not to be penalized for wanting to try all of the classes. I want to experience the time, effort and work that was put in to making them.
  3. CyberKnight

    Group and Community based game 3 Suggestion

    Hello there I just wanted to say I had a pretty good time in one of my first big groups. We attempted Misha a few times and took care of some quests together and even went into CV for the first time for quite a few hours. A couple of things I noticed while in this group for most of the day. 1...