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  1. Grue

    QA September 20th, 2023

  2. Grue

    QA September 21st, 2023

  3. Grue

    QA September 13th, 2023

    Then I didn't understand the mechanic. I thought it only affected adv/dis when hitting mobs and did not affect mob's adv/dis on the player, i.e. the mob would have the advantage if they were higher level regardless if gel'd. ... If only there was some kind of combat log where we could view...
  4. Grue

    QA September 13th, 2023

    Unless I have no idea how the combat mechanics work... I'm thinking this will affect gel'ing negatively, especially tanks.
  5. Grue

    QA September 13th, 2023

    Combat log Grayed out text is too subtle to make much of a difference imo. Different colour all together would be easier to see at a glance, better yet, let players pick the colour of the text based on the source. While I'm being unreasonable, I'd also enjoy the log being presented in table...
  6. Grue

    QA September 13th, 2023

    Angle Brackets and parenthesis. [30 ] Grue <Embers After Dark> (Grimstone) [15 ] Blindwanderer <Embers After Dark> (New Haven Valley) [22 ] Soandso <Cool Guild 1337> (Northreach)
  7. Grue

    Feedback Game - List your 3 favourite things and 3 most disliked things about the game

    Write down your reason to start playing Embers Adrift Wanted to play group focused MMO where the meta is not already set in stone by neckbeards Write down your 3 favourite things about Embers Adrift 1. Stingy loot drop rates 2. No map/compass 3. Group combat Write down your 3 most disliked...
  8. Grue

    bear stun OP

    I still avoid fighting bears @25 when I solo, the time to kill is higher than other mobs, not worth the effort when other mobs drop salve. In a group its not quite as bad, but it's still annoying and most of the time we end up gravitating to other mobs over bears. It's like fighting mobs that...
  9. Grue

    Hot Fix April 4th

    Sexy. Almost makes me want to lvl my tank... Almost. IMO, fear should be chaotic. If it really must be toned down, then perhaps reducing the mob's social radius while fear is active or add a snare component. Could also have it so mobs always try to maintain maximum distance from the fearing...
  10. Grue

    Post your /played

    I have some mixed emotions about that amount of time played...
  11. Grue

    Feedback Sentinel Issues

    Oh noes!!! My internet complaint about pixels wasn't acknowledged by everyone and didn't get 1000 upvotes and likes... My epeen has shrunk by 2 sizes. lol. Don't worry about it. Far more articulate people are making headway in the discussion with points I (for the most part) agree with.
  12. Grue

    Loading Screen Tips - Your contribution

    OMG, did I meme? I've always wanted to meme. I didn't prepare a speech... Let's see; I'd like to thank my parents for always supporting me, my son for keeping me up to date on the latest memes and hip cool kid sayings, but mostly I want to thank my beautiful wife of 20 years. This is for us...
  13. Grue

    Loading Screen Tips - Your contribution

    - The vast majority of the +stat on gear is percentile, but % symbols are scary so you won't see any - Those tall, dark, glowing eyed creatures you sometimes see at night are The Other. Legend has it if you manage to touch one they will give you candy - Humanoids do not drop ember flux, however...
  14. Grue

    Feedback Sentinel Issues

    Thank god someone was able to use big person words to describe what I was trying to with my terri-bad, coming across as kind of whiny, posts. Everything Aetrion said I agree with as far as the disadvantages of the Sentinel ability set. I can get behind all the of the suggestions as well.
  15. Grue

    Loading Screen Tips - Your contribution

    - The bees of knowledge bring enlightenment to those who are worthy - There's a Trade chat channel... Remember, friends don't let friends post trades in World chat - You can turn off Warlord spam in the combat log options... You'll know when you see it - There's no xp loss when you die. Drop...
  16. Grue

    Loading Screen Tips - Your contribution

    - Fall damage is proportional to armour weight... Tanks go boom-boom - When you kill some types of enemies near a rupture they have a chance to turn into an Ashen variant - Stick together in dungeons and ember veins, that way you'll be lost together - There's always time for a good...
  17. Grue

    Sentinel Skills and Feedback

    Yup, serious. More dmg abilities on a healer is not good. We can already solo more efficiently and effectively than any other class type. Plus, I need hotbar room and sta for sentinel healing and mitigation abilities. 12% sta is not an insignificant cost. Clearly it's designed for solo use...
  18. Grue

    Sentinel Skills and Feedback

    Duration too short - Too short for buffing the puller before they go out - Too short for effective use in combat given the random nature of mob ability usage. The issue I see is, your not going to have the resist buffs up long enough to effectively negate the abilities of the mob(s) in the...
  19. Grue

    Sentinel feedback

    I just reached 22 on Sentinel last and I have some feedback. Solo - I can solo a two chev yellow. Face tank, auto attack and heal. It takes a month of Sundays for the mob to die and you can't use any abilities besides heals and dmg resist, but it can be done. - I can solo up to 3 blue single...
  20. Grue

    A Christmas Tale (it really happened)

    If an Australian is scared of a spider you can put money on that being a f-ing scary spider...