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  1. Vularin

    Feedback Support class role

    Gonna keep plugging away this weekend after the stress test on Saturday. Gotta be some tasty banners hiding out there :)
  2. Vularin

    NPC Snare

    My opinion only, I think there should be mobs you cannot out run in the game. Certainly not gonna be able to out run a wolf. Those things have huge stamina in real life and will chase you for miles. Stags too are fast runners, heck most animals can outrun Humans. I think we are lucky those...
  3. Vularin

    BETA TEST April 27th; what's new?

    Loving the updates guys, new mobs too. Time to get my chameleon squishing hammer out.
  4. Vularin

    Feedback Support class role

    I haven't got back to lvl 20 yet (close) I will have to test the dropped lvl 20 banners and crafted ones. As we all know things can and do change fast here (Kudos to the devs).
  5. Vularin

    Stamina deterioration rate.

    I guess I'm not used to the idea of my groups needing to fight back out of dungeons every couple of hours to rest / repair. It's a new mechanic to me. I will need to test this on some of the larger dungeons ETC. Has anyone managed to fight to the bottom / end of the Dryfoot Stronghold yet? how...
  6. Vularin

    Feedback Support class role

    Yeah Bucklers would be ideal for supporters
  7. Vularin

    Feedback Support class role

    Some suggestions for the Support class. I feel like the Banner (Support only) should give a group wide buff and or a Buff to heals while equipped. This would encourage Supports to use sword and banner in groups. The banner seems like a great idea but under utilised in it's current state...
  8. Vularin

    BETA TEST April 20th; what's new?

    I think the changes to chest rarity is fine. The fact they are now rare makes it special when you find one. A "Woohoo" moment. Until you open them. the contents are really quite poor. Rare chest, Rare item maybe????
  9. Vularin

    BETA TEST April 13th; what's new?

    Excellent update. Sitting at my desk now waiting for another 20 mins to start testing.
  10. Vularin

    What caption would you put?

    Second screenshot, "5,4,3,2,1, ready or not, here I come"
  11. Vularin

    What caption would you put?

    First screenshot, Crowd shouting "Give us a sign" Solo character "I'm not the messiah"
  12. Vularin

    Reagent loot drops

    You right Kearwin, It's the same for most of the reagents, they just don't drop enough to be of any use.