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  1. sand32

    Patrolling Northreach quest bug

    And no worries about your quest progress. You'll be able to claim that reward and continue the quest once the fix is in.
  2. sand32

    Bug Quest "Caught with Their Pants Down" issue

    I just tested the quest on its own on live and it does indeed work. However, it looks like he will not acknowledge the trousers quest so long as you're still on the "Shoring Up Redshore" quest. Does this sound like it might apply to you? It looks like most other scenarios do offer the trousers...
  3. sand32

    The Missing Arms Race

    Y'know, I probably could've helped better if I had a better memory of the quest: the cart is not the objective. It is nearby, though. I've tested it and it is working. EDIT: I did however find a separate issue with the quest (a case where the dialogue should've started the quest but didn't...
  4. sand32

    The Missing Arms Race

    Destroying the note should not affect the quest. I should have some time tomorrow to run through and re-test this quest.
  5. sand32

    Broken Quest?

    I just confirmed that this quest is still functional. However, it appears your client reported an error related to the quest log which we resolved in today's hotfix. That error may have been preventing the proper functionality of your quest log UI. I suggest giving the quest another go and see...
  6. sand32

    The Missing Arms Race

    Was the objective marked as complete? Nothing is actually added to your inventory (which we realize can be a bit confusing).
  7. sand32

    Bug Ember Stone Quest Bug? - Archie

    Hmm, he should have some cheeky dialogue about you not having enough money. I'll check up on that. Thanks for reporting.
  8. sand32

    Item Linking (First Thoughts)

    Issue #1 won't be resolved immediately as that will require additional work. Issues 2 and 3 should be resolved whenever we next deploy (we're still debating whether this is worth a hotfix). Thanks for the feedback!
  9. sand32

    Suggestion - Thank you for all you have done!

    We have some of the underpinnings of a mail system in place but there are a few key pieces left to implement. No timeline on this yet, but it is planned.
  10. sand32

    Bug Guild Ranks keep changing

    That would be new. I'll have a look.
  11. sand32

    Location discovery a bit too precise?

    I believe it's just a tad misleading. If I recall correctly, the discovery is actually the ember ring near the lake.
  12. sand32

    Cannot get into a group

    @Nomean Judging by our logs, you seem to be in a very odd situation. I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a few things that aren't working for you (receiving global/zone/local chat, for instance). Just based on the logs, I have to assume you've never restarted your game client during this...
  13. sand32

    Dalton's Feedback - Updated Semi-Weekly?

    There are a number of UIs where we need to add list filtering/sorting options, though a simple "hide offline" option might be low-hanging fruit, I'll see what I can do. As for the list not updating, there's an ongoing player status propagation issue that I'm looking into.
  14. sand32

    Dalton's Feedback - Updated Semi-Weekly?

    This is a bug and has been fixed in the upcoming patch.
  15. sand32

    Dalton's Feedback - Updated Semi-Weekly?

    Preparing for such features was the primary reason the chat UI was redesigned during beta. Unfortunately, we just haven't had time to finish this. Rest assured, it's on The List.
  16. sand32

    Unable to zoom out

    Yeah... you might be right. :)
  17. sand32

    Bug Quest log issue

    There does seem to be a semi-rare issue that causes the quest log to not update properly. I haven't yet been able to reproduce it but it's on my radar. If you encounter this again, please let me know what the output of /listobjectives is. All I know about it at this point is that re-logging...
  18. sand32

    Unable to zoom out

    You might've perhaps activated the over-the-shoulder view. Try pressing V to switch the Camera POV. This is stored to your preferences (if on Windows, that's stored in the registry), so it would survive reinstalls.
  19. sand32

    March 25-27 Weekend Feedback

    Particularly good feedback here. I was able to reproduce the issue and have pushed a fix. This case should no longer occur. Thanks for the clear description!
  20. sand32

    Offline Bug

    Undone has provided a helpful forum post on the subject here (see the troubleshooting section): https://forums.embersadrift.com/index.php?threads/running-embers-adrift.1192/ The fact that that post can be found under the "News" section is... a choice. :)