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    just the right lighting

    I really like this one
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    Focused Discussion : EQUIPMENT (crafted, dropped)

    Never been a big crafter but I have been working on in this game. The above comments are very accurate for me. Bag space is an issue depending on what you choose as a profession. I also find the recipes are too vague and i end up guessing at the components. I find the new change to having...
  3. K

    Focused Discussion: DARKNESS

    ARKNESS. Does it matter to you? I am a bit more indifferent about I think you need a night cycle to answer the next question. I just find it dull and not scarry either I fight a doe or a firefly. So I guess if night meant be in a group or die or ghost and undead came out then it might have...
  4. K

    NNH skiyline

    Just hanging out in NNH
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    TOPIC: Being unique in MMORPGS part 1 - How important is it for you?

    I dont need to be unique in the game but i do like to have weapons or armor that ppl can tell you worked for and has a certain look. Like in EQ epics weapons while lots had them you knew them when you saw them and what you did to get them. I like that most not big on titles or glam armor that...
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    Q&A - Ask all your questions here

    Not sure where to put this so I will drop it here. Has there been any talk around having crafters make regents with items that drop in game instead of them just drop off mob in the world.
  7. K

    Set Bonus

    As long it is not like the 500+ sets and different set bonuses like in ESO I am ok with set bonuses.
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    TOPIC: The importance of light and darkness in Embers Adrift

    I like or dislike the night in this game. I do find it very dark at times but it is night. I tend to hunt at night if I am not in a group since I cannot see harvest nodes. I dont see a big difference in mobs outside of fireflies or thieves. I think bats or undead skellies or things like...
  9. K

    Bug Mobs not running up steps

    oh good to know sorry new to some of this.
  10. K

    Bug using stuck

    I was on l the windmill in North Newhaven I was between the rocks and the building
  11. K

    Bug using stuck

    I became stuck by the windmill in SH. After using stuck in placed me on the roof of the windmill and the only way down was to jump to my death. lol Also running into several deer and bears that enter my hit box and I can no longer atk them unless I back up.
  12. K

    Bug Mobs not running up steps

    While hunting in the starting zone I pulled a few animals and ran up on the platforms around the farms. The mobs do not go up the stairs and run around the platform and cannot hit me. Does not seem like that is intended since I can sit down and heal while the sit and run around the platform.