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  1. Oran1Plays

    Item Linking (First Thoughts)

    The not working when sending using tell is a big problem lol as that would be the main way to show someone items. Hopefully that gets fixed quick
  2. Oran1Plays

    Password Change

    changing the forum password changes the game one :) - go here: https://forums.embersadrift.com/index.php?account/security
  3. Oran1Plays

    4th Character slot suggestion

    Did they talk about this in one of the discord meetings and they said if they do add more slots, they want to give more reasons to make a new character or reroll, that could mean a revamp of old zones or just a new class but who knows what they have in mind lol they even joked that one of the...
  4. Oran1Plays

    Game Runs Like Garbage for me!

    You can request a refund on here: https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/ - Scroll to the bottom and fill out the form selecting "Return" as the Inquiry Topic. That seems to be the only way right now as far as i know.
  5. Oran1Plays

    I found a little green bug?

    There's other colour versions of them, each gives you a different buff if you step on them.
  6. Oran1Plays


  7. Oran1Plays

    My First Review/Guide - Embers Adrift

    Yea i get what you saying, thanks for the feedback :)
  8. Oran1Plays

    My First Review/Guide - Embers Adrift

    First time doing a Review/Guide, also did it with cold so sorry if i sound crap at times... but do let me know what's good and bad so i can improve on it if i do ever make another one :) thanks!
  9. Oran1Plays

    Black Friday Sale

  10. Oran1Plays

    2019 MacBook Pro - Black background screen on login

    have you checked if you have the recommend gpu specs? it says you need this for Mac: GPU: Dedicated Video Card with 6gb of ram or more, OR an M1 or newer Mac
  11. Oran1Plays

    Questions on player retention

    the only problem i had was yesterday looking for a healer but again it depends on the time of day also as theres more people on
  12. Oran1Plays

    Questions on player retention

    So far theres plenty of people, i have yet to have a hard time finding a group as it takes mostly 20 or less mins to get a group going and i do see a lot of people i have already grouped with and some online but in a different zone that i have yet to go to.
  13. Oran1Plays

    Problem logging my characters into game

    If you still having this problem i would suggest to go on the discord channel under help and tag the devs with @stormhavenstudios - heres the link to join: https://discord.com/invite/qJfYhJ8
  14. Oran1Plays

    FPS Optimization - Hints & Tips

    For me i got everything in medium and balance settings as it seems to work best but sadly at 30FPS and even at times goes lower :( - this is one of the main reasons for me for playing less as i am not enjoying the full graphics and how it plays it with the lag. PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5700x AMD...
  15. Oran1Plays

    World Locked

    I have suggested before that the game launcher should have a News Feed to let players know what's new or going on but no idea if they will add it or not... I do think it would help let everyone know whats happening and not have to go to forums or discord to find out.
  16. Oran1Plays

    Feedback Finding a Lack of Progression Feeling

    Same here but i am enjoying how item progression works as i do like the idea that your not replacing your gear every level/quest you do but more like every 3 or 5 levels, this to me works fine as it makes gear you get or craft more meaningful but i do think that the lack of solo play content is...
  17. Oran1Plays

    Magic Classes?

    For now i don't think there's plans on that but it would make sense if they did somehow make magic users just the Ember as a source of power, given that it exists already in the game.
  18. Oran1Plays

    Quest Elimination without warning

    For what i have heard they have said they will be more careful with removing quests or changes and give more heads up before doing them, and i hope it's true as wasting peoples time is never a good thing.
  19. Oran1Plays

    Please Help, All Materials Vanished

    They might be in the lost and found box in town, if not try report it on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qJfYhJ8 - go to the help channel and ask for a GM to check it out, or report it in game using /report
  20. Oran1Plays

    Horse Dont have to be very fast, just somthing add to the world, humans dint walk we have wagons and stable give us horses

    I do think there are plans on adding mounts later on but for now there is teleportation and i think there are talks on adding like a quick teleport to town using the Emberstone with a cooldown like in WoW using the Hearthstone. Would be also nice to have a speed buff when using roads like in...