Embers Adrift

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  1. Rev

    What Rigs you running?

    Just bought new rigs for the wife and I. They have the I9 12900k, 32gb RAM and a Nvidia 3080 card. Went with the latest gen of processor due to it using a new socket format to allow for future upgrades/expansion. Wanted to go with the 3080 Ti but I was in a time crunch and couldn't wait a...
  2. Rev

    TOPIC: The importance of light and darkness in Embers Adrift

    I look at it as a challenge to find ways to get around without relying on light. Looking for landmarks in the skyline, following mountain walls, etc. Worst case you stay on the path and, for the most part, your usually safe (not always though..lol) Sure, I get on wrong paths, do circles in...