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  1. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST September 28th; what's new?

    Was XP gain silent nerfed? It seemed okay where it was. I feel like it's 30% to 50% less now (at least for 1 chevron). Hard to tell. Exited for release, love the quest log! More feedback: Are you beginning to notice performance improvements with the changes made in the last two weeks? It's...
  2. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST September 21st; what's new?

    Have you thought about making harvesting separate? I.E. allow the player to get 1,2 or all of them, same progression (level 6, level 12) for 2nd, 3rd? -- But, "unlink" it from crafting - so this would be it's own thing? You could even expand upon only three harvesting professions with this kind...
  3. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST September 21st; what's new?

    Thanks Undone, for further insight into this. With what you explain in mind, is it the same idea for harvesting, I.E if you want to be a master of harvesting take all three? Will harvesting and crafting remain shared as "trade skills" for a total of three? I guess my concern here, is if you...
  4. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST September 21st; what's new?

    My thought about adding belts to tinkerer is that there can be a lot of fine/decorative work on the clasp and or the belt itself. Also the belt doesn't necessarily have to be just leather, it could be made of metal or mixed with metal to make it stronger. Or hey, even have gems on it, the bling!
  5. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST September 21st; what's new?

    IMO there are too many crafting professions, I'd consolidate a bit. Something like below. Weaponsmith: 1-handed weapons (except daggers) 2-handed weapons (except bow/quarterstaff) Woodworker: Ranged Weapons/ammo Quaterstaves Wood Shields Armorsmith: Metal Armor Metal Shields Combine...
  6. Azureblaze

    This works best performance and quality

    I've got a 3080TI - This works best for me: FPS 60, 1080P, setting the shadow distance slider to zero, grass shadows to off. This seems to be the sweet spot for me. None of the other settings seem to matter much. Note: with this being said, I did notice an improvement in FPS with the recent...
  7. Azureblaze

    Overall Game Feedback

    I noticed several people I grouped with not notice the directional arrows. I think making them bigger and/or having them be a different color could be helpful. Ooh, I like the idea of them changing color the closer/farther away you get too.
  8. Azureblaze

    Feedback Open Beta Feedback

    Playing testing from this weekend, feedback. I have not played seriously for some time so figured it was time for more feedback as I did play this weekend for about 20hrs. I played a Supporter to Sentinel and used a Defender/Striker alts for mostly gathering. Note: I noticed a few small bugs...
  9. Azureblaze

    BETA TEST June 1st; what's new?

    Thank you for spending the time on crafting. I love crafting in MMO's. I know it's hassle when there are other things to be done but I just want to say thanks for working on it more and not ignoring it or scrapping it <3
  10. Azureblaze

    Feedback CPU temperature

    This is a bit unconventional but another thing you can do is underclock your CPU by like 200 to 300mhz or so. I find this helps big time with what I got going on (i9-9900K water cooled) and I don't notice any performance issues either. But yes, also do what Undone said - I limit my frames mainly...
  11. Azureblaze

    Feedback Suggestion: When using skinning auto-sheath weapon.

    When you skin it doesn't sheath your weapon first and looks really odd for example if you do it with a staff. Those poor creatures.