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  1. Elloa

    6000 Members!

    Welcome to everyone in the Embers Adrift family!
  2. Elloa

    [Community Event] Welcoming party to the Worldbreaker newcomers

    Hey friends! Next weekend is the worldbreaker event. This time instead of organizing a beta testers party around the lake, I would like to set up something to welcome the newcomers and make them feel part of the family immediately. And for that I need your help and participation! What’s the...
  3. Elloa

    Feels sluggish

    The speed of our characters running/walking/combating is intended. There is in game some items and abilities that increase a little the speed of running, so that's part of the character progression. As for the character animation, it's something that we want to improve but not on top of the...
  4. Elloa

    Games needs a ton of work.

    Hey hey @floweringmind , Thank you very much for your feedback. But have you read the Patch Notes and the Work In Progress thread ? A lot of the items you are pointing out are not implemented in the game yet (such as no NPC and no quest) . Wishing you a great day and thanks for testing and...
  5. Elloa

    Complete Frenzied Fashion Look

    It always comes to the same things : we only have 2 artists and they are busy on different fronts. Otherwise I agree, it would be fantastic to have an unique look for that set! Maybe later :)
  6. Elloa

    Crafting Harvesting (Gathering & Refinement Related)

    I think this is the plan with Harvesting spec, as mentioned in the WIP post :)
  7. Elloa

    Getting started in Embers Adrift and on our forums

    Post updated July 2022
  8. Elloa

    Q&A - Ask all your questions here

    N'hesite pas a passer sur mon Stream le Vendredi et Samedi, je stream en anglais mais repond en FR si besoin. Cela te donnera une idée plus precise du jeu, et te permettra de voir si le fait d'être a l'aise ou non avec l'anglais est un obstacle important ou mineur. (lien dans ma signature) A+++ ;)
  9. Elloa

    Q&A - Ask all your questions here

    Bien le bonjour! Notre equipe et notre budget sont trop modeste que pour pouvoir se permettre une localisation, d'autant plus qu'on ne peut mesurer l'interet potentiel dans ces communautés. Par contre, une fois que le jeu sera lancé et en fonction de son succès et de l'interèt, notre désir est...
  10. Elloa

    Elloa in vacation

    In case it was not clear... I AM BACK! It has been quite a journey to go to Twitchcon Amsterdam, and then Ragnarok LARP. Both events were amazing and allowed me to meet lots of friends! But the atmosphere was very different in both event. I've been very disconnected from everything (particularly...
  11. Elloa

    Elloa in vacation

    Thank you guys! Fred says hi back!! :D
  12. Elloa

    Elloa in vacation

    Hey friends! This is a personal message to tell you that I will be missing for two weeks. Therefor there will be no “Weekly Community Show” for those two weeks and I will not be present in game during our tests to organize groups, streaming or even just saying hello. I’m going to Twitchcon...
  13. Elloa

    2nd week of testing (July 1st thru 4th)

    Chest are like rare mobs. They do exist! But they are rare! There is some through the dungeons, but it's true that they are very rare. EDIT @Nfab35 beat me to it! ;)
  14. Elloa

    Introduce yourself

    Thank you so very much to continue to introduce yourself guys! I read all introduction! (now I need to try to remember everything!! But that's another story!! :D) Really happy to see our little EU family growing too! We need to fill up all the timezones to always have friends online!! :D
  15. Elloa

    Striker Weapon Diversity

    I agree with @Aetrion & @Undone I think the weapon specialisation may be something more exciting and more consitent with what we want to create with this game! That being said, keep coming with new ideas ;) We love all the feedback!
  16. Elloa

    Q&A - Ask all your questions here

    I confirm @Dalton 's word. At the moment the plan is to allow 3 characters per account. It may change one day, but do not count on it for now :) (sorry)
  17. Elloa

    Skybox testing

    We do have a bug with the Light sometimes not changing. @Undone is currently investing it to try to isolate the bug. It does not happen for everyone, nor all the time, which is very confusing. I've no idea if there is a difference with the PC and the Mac client. Thank you for your detailed...
  18. Elloa

    Feedback Weaponsmithing

    I did not managed to get any imbued items better than the regular items (Outfitter lvl 4) and I crafted both items each time to be compare.
  19. Elloa

    Minium System requirements

    I do believe this is not announced officially yet as our team is working to lower those requierements
  20. Elloa

    Observations, Weekend of 06/25 - 26

    Ooh I can promise you @Rlm962 that there is plenty of groups forming to level up together. I'm organising many through the weekend myself and I see many being organised and set up by other players too. Lots of streamers are grouping on directly on Twitch. Some group group up directly via Discord...