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  1. Renathras

    Ultimate Duelist Guide

    Quick update - not to the overall guide, but the map part: The Redshore Monolith is NOT where this map shows, northeast of the center. It's in the southwest, just northwest (up and left) from the campfire where the word "Lumberjacks" is. (Not the red circle, the campfire. You can see it from...
  2. Renathras

    Shield or Dual Wield for Supporters

    Learn to WRITE..! ...is what I would say if I was being a jerk. Your statement was ambiguous enough to describe the character creator or login screens. That aside: Again, look at WoW. Any race, any starting area; the trainers are just standing around in a huddle. When you eventually get to...
  3. Renathras

    Shield or Dual Wield for Supporters

    Okay, while I agree with some of the other complaints here... ...what? WoW: Your character is in the center of the screen with some scenery from their associated Capital city in the background. They're staring deadpan at the camera and you can rotate them. FFXIV: Your character is standing on...
  4. Renathras

    Thoughts on Warlord vs Duelist.

    Hyper new here myself, but...your questions are a BIT vague. Still, best answer I can give with my extremely limited knowledge: TL;DR up front: Duelist: Strong, quick, heals (spot and AOE), probably the "designated party healer" but can single target well, most straightforward and beginner...
  5. Renathras

    Controller support

    Hm...if you guys ever revisit this, it'd be neat. One reason I liked FF14 so much is because being able to move with a controller feels SOOOOOOO much better to me. I know there are mouse and keyboard enthusiasts, and I don't wanna tell anyone they're wrong...but for my part, I find the...