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  1. floweringmind

    Native Linux Client (Experimental)

    Thanks so much for making this as I have moved to Zorin as I don't want to have my data taken by AI!
  2. floweringmind

    Bug Visual Bug - Feet under the boards

    In the starter zone near the town in the center of the zone. The boards over the mud, your feet will be inside the boards. You can see a picture of it here: https://ibb.co/dQpmmXg
  3. floweringmind

    Night needs to be adjusted

    Even with max exposure it is dark. And as I said the constant darkness ruins the fun of actually playing the game.
  4. floweringmind

    Night needs to be adjusted

    Night time is way too long and totally ruins the game. Currently I think it is the biggest problem and the easiest fix. Reduce night by 50%. I started playing today and it was night. Then day arrived and felt like half the time that I played at night. Then night arrived again. It was so annoying...
  5. floweringmind

    Meadow Lands Content

    This zone needs some rework for solo players as it appears totally focused on groups. The colors are really drab and too dark. Travel is so slow, it is painful in this zone because things are spread too far apart. Needs more interesting landmarks. The previous zone with the giant raven skull...
  6. floweringmind

    Class System Needs Improvement

    You say no Magic users but the reality is that your game already has that. For example there are skills that give buffs to health and stamina. There are healing skills. All that stuff would be considered magic. You already have ember columns which allow you to teleport (magic) with ember which...
  7. floweringmind

    Class System Needs Improvement

    As a new player the class system feels totally homogenized and confusing. When I look at the class system I just see: Fighter DPS Fighter Healer Fighter Tank Would love to see the class system fleshed out more. SUGGESTIONS: Expansion of skills beyond just battle skills: hide from view find...