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  1. Sarsberry

    QA March 2023

    I'm definitely digging the first person camera. It'll be especially handy in claustrophobic areas, like dungeon hallways. I could see larger weapons potentially obscuring the view during combat though. I suppose care will have to be taken to make sure that doesn't happen. It might be wise to...
  2. Sarsberry

    Feedback All items in bag should be greyed out when opening while on a corpse run.

    I think it wouldn't hurt to desaturate/darken the icons a bit more. And on a similar note, I think the ability bar icons should be more significantly dimmed when you're out of range of your target. A little extra visual feedback can go a long way towards quality of life and avoiding player...
  3. Sarsberry

    Some gathering nodes seem bugged today.

    Yep, I ran into a few plants I couldn't harvest this morning. Haven't seen a double stack like that though.
  4. Sarsberry

    Q&A - Ask all your questions here

    There are no races to choose from. You have to be human. But body shape and size are quite customizable, so you can have a character that looks like a dwarf or whatever. Here is some info on this site that's probably worth browsing: Lore - https://www.embersadrift.com/Lore Classes -...
  5. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    I suppose that could be a compromise, but I still feel like there's gotta be a more interesting solution out there.
  6. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    Yes, WoW borrowed many concepts from Everquest, but they made significant changes before implementing them. In some cases they made things more casual, like having trade skills and weapon skills trivially easy to level. In other cases, they chose to make things more restrictive, like the item...
  7. Sarsberry

    Player Created Quest Spoilers and Maps

    That's something I'd be very interested in seeing, but I assume the archives are from the alpha forums? As a beta purchaser, I suppose I don't have access to any of that.
  8. Sarsberry

    Feedback yeah.. its dark.

    It's good to hear you guys will be adjusting the light levels. I do like nights to be dark, but I think it might be too much at the moment. It honestly might not be a bad idea to add some additional light fixtures to the newbie woods, just to ensure that players' first experiences with the...
  9. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    Okay, maybe I should have said "little value" instead of "zero value" but my point still stands. I don't think it's a very satisfying system, and to be honest, I'd rather have an unbalanced economy than the sterile, almost non-existent item economy of WoW (for all the points I've listed above)...
  10. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    Well, first of all, I can't speak to what WoW became after Lich King, because I stopped playing. I'll concede that the WoW auction house had a large number of transactions, sure, but it's flooded with bland stuff like stacks of linen cloth and dirt cheap green items. A person who played the...
  11. Sarsberry

    Player Created Quest Spoilers and Maps

    I'd love to see some hand drawn dungeon maps. There's something oddly satisfying about those old school Everquest player-made maps. I don't think I have the talent or the patience to make one myself though.
  12. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    I understand what you're saying, but I respectfully disagree. Did WoW have a good economy? Did it have much of an economy at all? Your money came from non-repeatable quests for the most part and the good items were all Bind on Pickup and couldn't be traded at all. You spent your money on NPC...
  13. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    Well, to be fair, a lot of modern mmorpgs have done way more than copy a feature or two from WoW to gain that title. And I by no means am suggesting that Embers Adrift is even remotely close to WoW. I'm saying that they should make extra effort to avoid features that WoW popularized (well, for...
  14. Sarsberry

    Removing Items From Circulation

    No, please no! Bind on equip stuff is such a bland, immersion breaking mechanic. It makes items feel less tangible, and less exciting to acquire. I understand the economic benefit of such a system, but maybe it would be better to brainstorm some different ideas. Perhaps items could be...