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  1. Meriven

    Devs don’t hear it enough….

    Thank you. This team has been great. I know you guys have constant suggestions and opinions on YOUR game and I know that those are great to design a game to get customers and sustain some income…just remember it is YOUR creation and vision. It may not be for everyone (nothing always is) but you...
  2. Meriven

    Character creation

    So since we had the iteration where the hair not showing with low medium graphics, any time I go to create a character I can’t see what I am creating. I have to create the character and go to the select to see changes. It shows the inside of the character like you are in the center of the mesh...
  3. Meriven

    Experience Gain(probably unpopular)

    I am feeling like the current xp gain is way fast. I hope it slows down by leaps and bounds. It may be the limited content with testing but I feel like even with limited days the progression happens so quickly. I get it’s a balance on keeping people with less free time interested and feeling...
  4. Meriven

    Fear and root

    Are animations like the brigand stun coming to fear on warlord and marshal root?