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  1. Woeful

    What Is Your Favorite Crafting System

    I appreciate your comments. Insight is very evident. Dailies become a grind or job over time, methinks. I have yet to discover the game properties or allocations to 'trade-able' and 'un-trade-able' gear. Crafting is an economic dynamic of enormous opportunity with the advent of NFT (non-fungible...
  2. Woeful

    First impressions

    15 New MMORPGs Coming in 2021 on PC, PS5, Series X, and Switch Nov 6, 2020 https://whatoplay.com/videos/upcoming-mmorpgs-2021 Article has an attached video - 05:43 is where your product review starts. Suspect, you long know of this article. The article remains highly ranked on searches...
  3. Woeful

    Introduce yourself

    Letter of Introduction: Nickname: Woe, fewer letters the better. IRL Location: Wisconsin - I am considering teleporting out. First language: English year of birth: Waiting to find out. How did you ended on this forum?: QAnon and Crypto research was sated. Crypto prices currently sideways...
  4. Woeful

    What Is Your Favorite MMOs?

    EQ1 was my favorite, despite it's many shortfalls. Not all shortfalls are bad. Loved the twists and opportunities from absurd game play. The erosion of time investment undermined continued participation. Why continue spending endless hours achieving levels, alternate advancement experience and...