Embers Adrift

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Recent content by Lavon

  1. Lavon

    May 6-8 Berserker feedback

    This is something I have been hoping for both PC and NPC.
  2. Lavon

    Javelin + Shield for Defender (Ranged tanking)

    I would like a one hand spear or javelin. Not big range butt just better then Sword slightly. A tank kinda like warden in LOTRO. It would add complexity.
  3. Lavon

    Immediate impressions: Camera feels way too sluggish - Hidden mouse smoothing?

    This this the fix to your problem the default is way to slow, Unless your ping is high.
  4. Lavon

    Gear Drops

    Humanoids that have tamed wolves, dogs ,bears, or birds. Ants that have hypnotized humanoids.
  5. Lavon

    Feedback yeah.. its dark.

    Maybe South New Haven shouldn't get as dark as other zone due to it being the 'noob zone'.
  6. Lavon

    The Defender: Juggernaut / Knight / Marshal Part 2

    It should have some ember flames/chains around the mobs feet
  7. Lavon

    Feedback Ground Torches Duration

    Rather than adding duration, they should allow you to put multiple charges into the first planned ground torches to extend duration. The duration would be dependent on your groups resources.
  8. Lavon

    Winning Loot Causes you to stand

    If you are the person that loots an item in a group (clicks on the dead mob to trigger loot Need, Greed, Decline) once the rolls have been completed and winner gets loot, the person that trigger the loot will stand up if sitting at that point. Is this to show that that person is handing out the...
  9. Lavon

    Kunai, how do you pronounce it?

    It's like Bill Nye the science guy.
  10. Lavon

    Kunai, how do you pronounce it?

    I pronounce it Throwing Knife.
  11. Lavon

    TOPIC: The importance of light and darkness in Embers Adrift

    I love the day night cycle atm although it has to be dark in my house to see well at night in game.
  12. Lavon


    The old (not up to lvl) regent are useless other than give them to a low level friend because your no reagent lvl is better than with older reagents. ( no reason to farm old ones atm)
  13. Lavon


    I feel that reagents should worked similar to how food and drink work. For example 1 bear pee last 30 mins or what ever number makes sense. Because like Kaeolin mentioned he can easily use 200 in a normal group that last 2 hours which seems like reagent farming will be a huge time sink.
  14. Lavon

    Tank blocked my attack?

    I'm the tank and moreover, I don't like my healers doing dps so I stop them.
  15. Lavon

    Possible CC tweaks

    Yes, you can 'pre-load' threat on CC'd mob with provoke and roar like abilities with out breaking CC.