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  1. keyblader455

    Closed Beta Announcement

    So I saw the post on twitter that you guys will have an official closed beta starting in March. I'm actually surprised it's coming out this soon. BUT - I can't wait to actually start streaming this, cause I have been waiting to do so for a while ^_^.
  2. keyblader455

    What Rigs you running?

    Pretty much. Can even barely get the alpha started up the laptop is so bad.
  3. keyblader455

    What Rigs you running?

    A toaster hooked up to a potato.
  4. keyblader455

    What Is Your Favorite Crafting System

    I have never been big into the crafting part of the mmo portion until recently. I think it actually started with ES Skyrim when I was playing it in VR on the ps4. It actually felt like I was there doing the work and learning more about making all these cool things. Then I started working on...
  5. keyblader455

    What Is Your Favorite MMOs?

    I totally forgot to add WILD STAR!!! OMG I’m still pissed that game is gone! Yes, the housing was awesome in that game. Was more like a whole piece of property rather than just a house.
  6. keyblader455

    What Is Your Favorite MMOs?

    I’ve been getting back into the groove of mmos again after so long. Played a good few of them back then and some of them I really really loved. My personal favorites were WoW (playing classic) right now, currently playing Elder Scrolls online (PS4) (really really liking that), FF14 (love it...