Embers Adrift

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A 3:00 am search for different mmo's led me to videos defining the mmo genre & the changes that are beginning to ensue within the genre.

My first mmo experience was the infamous Final Fantasy 11. This game set the bar for an immersive & and downright exciting experience that was 100% group based. From there I began the explore the next meta of mmo (WoW, EQ, GW2, Elder Scrolls) all amazing games that had one single element missing that I had become accustomed to. The group place and necessity.

So here I am, really interested in this game, where it is going and how I can become a part of something special and fun. I will continue to be active and in the near future would love to play this game to help the developers continue to keep faith in such a daunting yet respected gaming genre. I thank you for your work and dedication.
Nov 14, 1989 (Age: 34)
United States - East Coast


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